4 Great Places To Sell Clothes Online

4 Great Places To Sell Clothes Online

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The eCommerce fashion market is stronger than ever, with specialists expecting a value of around $670 billion by 2023. This means it is a great time to sell clothes online. Anyone can do it but many worry about launching their online store, which is understandable. Regular online stores require proper management. You have to invest in technology and you surely need an online shopping CMS added. And you might even have to consult with workman’s comp attorneys in regular businesses to be protected against accidents. All of these can be avoided when you sell clothes in places like the ones highlighted below. 


ThredUp is perfect for when you want to sell new or used clothes. You receive a bag from the site. You then put the clothes in it and you use UPS or FedEx to deliver them. Specialists will then go through the clothes and will single out everything that can be sold, together with pricing everything. 

For clothes to be eligible, they should not be worn or damaged. 

The great part of using ThredUp is that it has a team of specialists that will handle everything from product photography to the actual selling process. All clothes accepted and sold will bring you money. Alternatively, you can also get shopping credit to buy other clothes right from the platform. However, the disadvantage is that you will not make much money with what you sell. 


Everyone knows Etsy and you most likely already know that you can sell clothes on the platform. However, it is worth mentioning that the platform is better suited for those who make handmade clothes. With some work and dedication, you can easily jumpstart your fashion eCommerce business. 

Customers can find countless vintage, craft, and handmade items being sold on the platform. Usually, stores sell unique products coming from creative craftsmen, designers, and artists. Selling here gives you huge free exposure, you can easily integrate social media platforms and listing fees are quite cheap. The problem is it will be difficult to stand out. 


We can say that Poshmark is what you would get if you were to combine Amazon and Instagram. This is practically an app. You upload photographs of the clothes you want to sell. This is how it is similar to Instagram. You will need good photographs to stand out and then grow your followers. 

Poshmark gives you a free storefront with free listings. Everything you post can be promoted on social media. The negative part is that you will end up negotiating since people use the app to get deals. Some vendors thus end up selling clothes for prices like $5. And you should post consistently in order to stay relevant. 


This site was created to help people looking for rare and vintage clothing items. It is very similar to the above-mentioned Poshmark. You are opening the clothing storefront on this app. Then, you take product photographs, write descriptions, and then start to sell. 

Depop is very simple to use and lets you sell clothes online very fast. However, there is a seller fee of 10%. This is something that might be a little too much for you.