Nigeria – A Mere Geographical Expression

Nigeria is a paradox to many including its own citizens. Nigeria the most populous black nation boasts of rich diverse, colourful ethnic groups and cultures.

Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the Premier of Western Region of Nigeria has been famously quoted as referring to Nigeria “as a mere geographical expression”.

This statement said in relation to the amalgamation of Northern and Southern Nigeria by the British Colonialist without adequate preparation for a unified national goal and purpose has been the albatross of Nigeria.

The statement can be deduced as an expression of frustration by a Visionary who saw in the baby christened Nigeria – a giant of anachronistic and retarded tendencies.

From the dawn of independence, the warring and mutually suspicious ethnic groups have carried on, in utter disregard to a cohesive and focused national building. The scenario is akin to a polygamous family, where the children are fiercely and brutally scrambling for the possession of their father properties and their only affiliation is to their own brothers or sisters from the same mother.

Today, a country richly blessed with natural resources like Oil (the sixth exporter of oil globally), gold, tin, diamond, is today importing fuel for the consumption of its 150 million population.

A sad commentary to a supposedly rich country.

The giant Nigeria has grown up and it has become a terror to its own citizens. Having grown to a gigantic size, its fast gobbling up the goals and aspirations of its citizens and ethnic groups. As if feeding of its own is the surest way to retain and increase its humongous size.

No wonder, the youths of Niger Delta has taken up arms against Nigeria; for they see no salvation or hope in their utter poverty. The seed of religious strife sown by the politicians for their own selfish political gains have come home to roost and Northern Nigeria is caught in the flames of religious crises.

Nigeria what hope for the nation?