Quite a few of Queen Elizabeth’s Stunning Brooches Have a Secret That means

Table of Contents 7. Queen Elizabeth’s late husband gave her The Scarab Brooch6. The Flower

Queen Elizabeth’s jewelry assortment is 1 of the most remarkable on the planet. It’s filled with gold, platinum, and silver, not to mention the outsized diamonds, rubies, pearls, and other gems. But Her Majesty’s jewels are not just for adding a little bling to her wardrobe. Numerous pieces have interesting, mystery meanings. In particular her collections of stunning brooches.

Queen Elizabeth II | Samir Hussein/WireImage

7. Queen Elizabeth’s late husband gave her The Scarab Brooch

In 1966, Prince Philip gave Queen Elizabeth the Scarab Brooch, which gives the piece a distinctive indicating. Developed by Andrew Grima and crafted out of yellow gold, with carved ruby and diamond elaborations, the queen has worn this brooch various occasions in excess of the a long time. Most notably, Her Majesty wore it for her and Philip’s formal platinum anniversary portrait in 2017.